Top 5 Ways to Record Calls on iPhone

Table of Contents

  • REKK application
  • Telegram bot @ PhoneRecordBot
  • Applications
  • TapeACall
  • Call Recorder
  • Unlimited AudioRecorder
  • 2 tweak

Android devices have a built-in feature that allows you to record communication between the user and the interlocutor. Apple did not provide such a feature, so users use an application to record phone conversations in the iPhone. Let’s look at the most popular of them.

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REKK application

Call recording application REKK has established itself as a reliable and very easy to use. Through REKK you can record both outgoing and incoming calls.
Important: Your operator must support three-channel communication. In 2019, 90% of carriers have this technology available.

Other features of the app:

  • Creating backups of recordings;
  • Ability to share recordings in messengers;
  • Automatic synchronization with the cloud (iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.);
  • File conversion to text.

Note! In the application itself you will find detailed instructions for use.

To use the program for outgoing calls:

  • Install the app from the App Store and launch it.
  • From the home screen (via the “Call” menu), dial the caller in a convenient way.
  • When a Push notification appears, click on it or minimize the call window and open the program.
  • In the pop-up window with the number of the interlocutor, click “Call”.
  • In the call window, press the association button.REKK Call 3

For incoming calls, the algorithm is similar:

  • Answer the call → minimize the call window and start the application.
  • Press the big round button → in the call window press “Merge”.

When the call is ended you can listen to the recording in the corresponding tab in the application.

Telegram bot @ PhoneRecordBot

A very convenient service, to use which it is enough to have an account in Telegram. Given the presence of the messenger on almost every smartphone, service in the form of Telegram-bot can be called one of the most convenient and easiest to use.

The algorithm for working with the service is quite simple. It is necessary to create an account through the bot, after which you can immediately use PhoneRecordBot.

  • Open bot @PhoneRecordBot by link and click “Start”.
  • When the menu appears, click “Register” → select a region.
  • Next, enter your phone number and confirm the registration.
  • The service number will be displayed on the screen, which you need to write in your phonebook and use to record calls.

Now to use the service you need:

  • Make a call to the service number.
  • After connecting to the service, press “Add” on the call screen.
  • Select the number of the subscriber with whom you want to record a call.
  • Press “Pair”.

Then the call will be recorded. After the call is ended you do not need to do anything else – just end the call and the recording will automatically appear in a dialog with the bot.

Clearly, we can say that for active users of social networks and messengers it is telegram-bot will be the most convenient and optimal.


There are other ways to save conversations. One of them is the installation of special applications. Let’s consider the most popular ones.


A simple program that automatically records outgoing and incoming calls. After the first installation the user gets a Lite-version (evaluation). To fully use the software in the future you will have to buy a full version.

Among the features we would like to note:

  • automatic recording of calls;
  • control via notifications;
  • audio file renaming;
  • the ability to send the recording to the cloud or via e-mail.

Setup is as follows:

  • Install the app.
  • After the first launch, enter your phone number.
  • The app will offer 2 subscription options:
  • $4.99 – month.
  • $24.99 – year Take All login.
  • Choose one of the options to start testing the 7-day version.
  • Please note! Log in to your Apple ID account within 7 days and cancel your subscription to avoid any withdrawals.
  • Select your country → allow notifications → allow contact access.
  • View the instructions on how to use the feature.

Call Recorder Unlimited

Another great app that has additional unique functionality. One of the main features is the ability to transfer the call into text format (correspondence).
Please note! This feature can not work correctly, if the voice on the recording is quiet or with interference.
As in the previous version, you can use a trial version of the program. However, to use it in full you need the full version.

In order to configure it, it is enough to follow the instructions of the application itself.

Among the useful features are:

  • Translation of the conversation into text format.
  • Copying records to cloud storage.

AudioRecorder 2 tweak

If you have a jailbreak installed, you can use the tweak from the Sydia store.
Important! Apple does not welcome the installation of jailbreak. Once the device is jailbroken, it loses its warranty.

We will not describe the installation, but we will analyze the capabilities of this tweak-application. AudioRecorder tweak
There are two recording modes:

  • Manual.
  • Automatic.

The program itself is completely in Russian, and also has a small number of settings, which prevents difficulties in use. You can synchronize with the cloud.