Top 10 Spyware to Spy on Your Computer and Smartphone

The idea of spyware to track activity on electronic devices is as old as the world. It is a handy tool designed to steal data from other computers, smartphones or tablets. More and more sophisticated monitoring systems, AI developments, and so on and so forth appear every year. Many manufacturing companies even offer free apps to track data on their sites. 

We did our research and tried to figure out which of the apps that were being tracked were the best. And here is the list of ten, topped by MSPY. 

In this article we will compare these programs which allow you to actually take control of another person’s electronic device.
When choosing spyware to monitor data, it is certainly worth looking carefully at the list of available features. The effectiveness depends on this. 

As a rule, such applications and monitoring systems contain a classic set of functions: 

  • SMS and call monitoring. You get notifications of incoming and outgoing calls and messages from other devices – that is, you always stay aware of everything the remote device user is talking to other people about. This is a rather useful feature.
  • Monitoring social networks, chats and mail. Usually, the best GPS trackers have the ability to track the content that people share in chats and social networks, incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Web activity. You get access to the full browser history – a list of sites the target user visits. With this feature, parents can find out how children are using the Internet.

Is it legal?

There are many reasons why someone might spy on another person’s smartphone.
We don’t need to remind you that violating privacy is highly unethical and, moreover, illegal. Of course, identity theft (credit card numbers, for example) is punishable by law. But if you’re a concerned parent or a conscientious business owner, there’s no reason you can’t take care of your child’s safety or business secrets. In that case, your motives are justified and there is no need to question the legality of such monitoring.

The main scenarios for use are

1) The growing generation has access to a wide variety of electronic devices, from tablets to smartphones from all kinds of manufacturers. Therefore, parents have to monitor their children’s use of gadgets.
2) It is worth mentioning the threat from insiders, when employees steal trade secrets of the organizations they work for.
3) Moreover, mobile trackers help track the location of devices. And it is often the only thing that helps to find a stolen iPhone from which no signals can be received.

#1 mSpy

This is one of the best spy apps; available for multiple devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Windows and Mac. You’ll have to pay $29.99 a month for mSpy. The developer describes its brainchild as the most convenient way for parents who need information from their children’s electronic devices.
Key functionality:

Text message monitoring

Call monitoring

Mail Monitoring
You can anonymously view email, Skype, Facebook, SMS, Telegram, Tinder, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp and almost all other modern communication tools, as well as contacts, address books, calendars, history in browsers (even in incognito mode).

There are more features in this development than in other systems. For example, in HIGHSTER there is no way to track mail, in FLEXYPSY there is such a function, but it is harder to find.

HIGHSTER and MSPY are the only applications which show the IP address of the remote device and its location.
You need an Internet connection to access remote devices. But some programs perform better than others in this regard. For example, MSPY and HIGHSTER collect data even if there is no active connection; the information is sent later on demand. MOBYSTEALTH and FLEXYSPY, for example, are inactive without a network connection.

#2 FlexiSpy

This tool is compatible with any hardware and costs $68. FlexiSpy is very easy to use. 

#3 SpyBubble

SpyBubble is suitable for most cases. But the developers of the application, like the creators of many other similar tools, recommend it for parents who want to make sure their child is okay. SpyBubble costs $49.95.
Parents can anonymously track text messages, calls, social networks and location (GPS tracking feature).

#4 SpyEra

SpyEra has the most spy features. The cost of the software is $149. This system is used by the owners of commercial organizations to track the actions of employees on the network. With the help of SpyEra you can find out if any of the staff is copying important data or if a spouse is cheating.

#5 Ispyoo (cheap time tracker)

Ispyoo provides access to SMS and MMS, tracks incoming and outgoing calls, and at the same time allows you to remain anonymous, for $22.99.

#6 TheTruthSpy

Available on iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and Android (including Samsung), the app tracks: text messages, calls, emails and GPS addresses.
You get detailed information about the location of the remote device, including longitude and latitude, a list of places where the electronic device has been.
Time stamps and notifications for specific locations.
TheTruthSpy costs $16.99.

#7 Highster Mobile (cheapest tracker)

Highster Mobile remotely tracks activity on devices. It is one of the best spy tools that is suitable for iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and Android. Simplified installation process. Highster Mobile costs $69.99, and there is also a free version of the app on the company’s website. 

#8 PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff is widely popular around the world because it reports the exact details of a lost device, the exact time the device was lost, its location on Google maps and other data. PhoneSheriff costs $49.

#9 Mobistealth

Mobistealth allows you to find lost devices, in case there are no signals from them, for $79.
The app’s main function is to log SMS messages (T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T):

  • Browser bookmarks
  • Browsing history
  • Call history
  • Emails.

International GPS tracking allows you to view contact information saved on target devices. This is the uniqueness of such a secret satellite tracker. You can see GPS logs as well as real-time GPS logs. The location of the device is marked on Google Maps in real time.

#10 MobileSpy

MobileSpy, again, is designed to help parents find out where their offspring are. Moreover, for security purposes, the use of social networks (Facebook) and other interactions (calls and SMS) can be monitored. So parents can find out if their child is a victim of cyber bullies and other intruders. The software is easy to install and costs $49.97.