Global Smartphone Shipments in the Second Quarter Were 9% Lower Than in the First Quarter

Global smartphone shipments in the second quarter were 9% lower than in the first quarter

According to the research company Canalys, the supply of smartphones in the world market in the second quarter of this year amounted to 316 million devices, which was 9% lower than the results of the first quarter.

The leader in the second quarter was Samsung with shipments of 58 million devices, it managed to increase its sales by 8% compared with the results of the year before.

Xiaomi is in second place with 52.8 million smartphones sold, it has increased sales by 83% and Apple is in third place with 45.7 million units sold, an increase of 1%. In the top five of the quarter were two more Chinese companies – OPPO and Vivo, which sold 32.6 million and 31.2 million smartphones, respectively.

The growth of global sales compared with the results of last year, when 284.7 million smartphones were sold was 11%. It is noted that Apple managed to achieve a significant increase in revenue from smartphone sales, even despite the overall sales growth of only 1%.