Choosing the Right Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet

At some point you realize that you need a tablet, the smartphone screen is relatively small, not only want a larger diagonal, but perhaps to replace your computer by buying a tablet with a keyboard. The reasons why you want to buy a tablet, there may be a huge number, but then begins another difficulty – how to choose the model that is right for you, has for you the best price / quality ratio. In the current lineup of tablets from Samsung more than twenty models, if you count those that support LTE-module or have on board only Wi-Fi. These are both budget models for a minimum cost, and flagships. In this material we will understand what to look for and how to choose the right tablet for your tasks from the Galaxy Tab range from Samsung.

Basic line of tablets from Samsung

Let’s start with a simple division – the basic line of tablets from Samsung has the letter A in the name, that is Tab A7, A7 Lite and others. The top line of tablets begins with the letter S, such as the Tab S7, S7+, S7 FE and others. The positioning of the devices hints at who they are aimed at, but does not reveal it to the end.

Perhaps we should start with the simplest one – where you will be using the tablet. For example, if it is assumed that this is exclusively a home device, which will occasionally travel with you to the cottage or go on vacation, then consider LTE support as a vital necessity, you will have enough Wi-Fi-version of the tablet. After all, at home you will always be provided with connectivity, you will not use the tablet on the go, somewhere in the parks or on trips outside the usual walls of offices. For those who, on the contrary, assumes that the connection will be needed everywhere and always, not wanting to give out the Internet from your smartphone, the tablet with a built-in LTE-modem is a clear choice.

Features of tablets with LTE-modem of Galaxy Tab line

Another feature of the tablets with LTE-modem of Galaxy Tab line is that they fully support not only the mobile Internet, but also voice calls and SMS. No restrictions, you’re looking at a smartphone, but in a different design. Since tablets are much larger than smartphones, it is impossible to hold them in one hand, you can talk with a connected headset. I know that many people buy Galaxy tablets because of this, they use them for making calls and working simultaneously in other applications, it is also convenient to work with SMS. In addition, the presence of LTE gives a built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver, which allows using the tablet for navigation, for example, in the car. Of course, for navigation choose a model with a small diagonal, so they do not block the view.

So you’ve decided what kind of connection you need, only Wi-Fi or the ability to install a SIM card in your tablet, and then you face the task, which looks a little more complicated – what diagonal to choose? A small tablet that fits in a deep jacket pocket, a device with a 10-inch diagonal, or the maximum size of the screen, which is comparable to the screens of 13-inch laptops? Ergonomics are very different, as well as what tasks you will be able to do on such devices.

Again, it is worth thinking about how you will use the tablet and where. If you need a tablet for the usual tasks, for example, to read the Internet and e-mail, play games, run a movie in the evening, then the screen diagonal comes to the fore. The bigger the diagonal, the better in theory. In practice, you need to think about how Tab S7+ diagonal 12.4 inches will affect ergonomics, it will be convenient to hold a tablet lying on the couch, or not. Perhaps it is worth considering 10-inch models, you will lose in the screen, but will gain in weight and size, such devices will be the golden mean.

And here the following advice will help you – if you are considering models with a maximum diagonal, it is worth buying a cover, which transforms into a stand.

The presence of the case-stand will save you from having to hold the tablet in your hands, and this, in turn, will give maximum freedom. In the line of Tab S you can choose as usual cases, and those that have a built-in keyboard, ie turn your tablet into a computer.

And these keyboards can vary, they can also be a touchpad, which turns tablets into a full-fledged working tool. Here again, it all depends on the diagonal screen, because it determines the size of the device. The bigger the diagonal, the bigger the keyboard, and as a consequence, it is more convenient. So if you are planning to choose the tablet as a replacement computer or as a second laptop, you should choose a larger diagonal. For this application makes sense to consider the model Tab S, choose them based on the screen diagonal, the amount of memory.

Most models of tablets support memory cards, that is, you can expand memory as needed, are not limited to the amount that you originally chose. This is a huge advantage for any buyer, because the life of the tablet increases to a maximum, such devices live many years, and the reason for replacement is often the lack of memory. Here the manufacturer allows you to avoid this. It seems like a trifle, but in fact the presence of memory cards turns out to be a huge advantage, you can store your photos, videos and movies on the card, no need for any cloud storage for that. In some situations it is an indispensable thing, for example, those who go on a shift to the drilling in Siberia often take with them tablets, the memory of which is stored movies and music for a couple of weeks of stay away from home.

What else is important to pay attention to?

In my opinion, in addition to the screen diagonal, you should also consider the type of display. We all know that flagship devices always use AMOLED screens, while inexpensive models use TFT. In tablets it is exactly the same, in the Tab S series you will almost everywhere meet AMOLED screens, in Tab A it will be TFT.

The quality of color rendering, screen brightness, usability is higher for models where there are AMOLED-displays, such as in Tab S7+, and they also support a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Apps work much nicer visually, scrolling lists are softer. It seems that these are subtle differences, but in practice you get used to it almost instantly and can no longer refuse. This does not mean that TFT displays are terrible, they are on an excellent level for the market, just AMOLED screens are much higher than that, which is typical for Samsung, as the company does not only deliver its solutions for its products, they are chosen by direct competitors because of their characteristics.

Samsung pioneered the adaptation of the stylus for mobile devices, many of the company’s tablets come with the S Pen (and again the Tab S), which allows you to draw, draw diagrams, write by hand. Maximum advanced software that makes the S Pen not just convenient, but hooks you on it and does not allow you to give up the notes you take by hand. The updated Samsung Notes app could well claim to be one of the best organizers on the planet. People usually don’t think of the S Pen as a free add-on, but it’s a huge competitive advantage for the Tab S lineup, and it’s worth seriously considering having one, as it noticeably expands your options and what you can do on your device. You get the S Pen included for free, this accessory does not need to be purchased separately.

We can dig into the description of specific models, but it is more important to equip you with the principle of choice, so that no matter how the line of tablets from Samsung will change, you can choose the right device for the price / quality ratio, and most importantly – to pick it up for yourself.

The important parameter, such as the cost of the tablet, was left out of the equation. For example, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite costs about 600 usd, which is adequate for its features and appearance.

Despite the fact that it is the most affordable tablet in Samsung’s lineup, you get exactly the same security updates for Android, the same OneUI interface and decent operating speed. The company creates universal solutions, where when you choose the older models, you get a familiar experience, but also additional features that make using the device more interesting. For example, the Tab A7 Lite has stereo speakers, the older models have four speakers, and the sound when watching movies is not only louder, but also much richer.

Child mode in Samsung tablets

Speaking of software, it must be noted that all Samsung tablets support a number of additional modes, for example, they have “Child Mode”. You can set limits for the child on the programs, the time of their use, and the built-in applications are fun and designed for preschoolers, as well as for those who have not learned to read. The variety of content that you can download is a treat.

But giving your kids your tablet is not always a great idea, you may need it, it’s hard for a young child to explain that dad or mom needs a tablet for work. So it might be worth considering the Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition, a tablet based on the 2019 Tab A8, but for kids. This is the most inexpensive offering in the line from Samsung – 11,990 rubles.

It comes with a rubber cover stand, it is shockproof, and the child will not be able to break the screen or body. You can put the tablet and watch cartoons on the table.

The screen of this tablet is 8 inches, but it is light enough and works long enough to work on one charge. The performance of the tablet is more than enough for all children’s entertainment, and as a first device, it is excellent. And later you can remove the children’s mode, and your grown child will continue to use the tablet, but as an ordinary device. Here you can kill two birds with one stone.

Additionally, this kids’ tablet comes with a whole set of children’s apps as well as content. There is the children’s favorite “Smeshariki”, the possibility to try the educational programs and then decide whether your child needs to learn English in them or not. It is a good offer for the youngest users and their parents.

What would you recommend specifically? Which models to look at?

People are always waiting for specific advice that should dot all the i’s so that there are no ambiguities. Please try to assess how you will use the tablet, look at the important features mentioned above.

For those who are used to choosing the most, have no compromises, my advice is to pay attention to the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+, between them you should choose by screen size, the second model is noticeably larger. As a universal tablet, which is omnivorous, has no limitations, it is worth looking at the Galaxy Tab S7. An excellent machine in terms of price/quality ratio, this device is the flagship.

If the price is biting, but you want something similar, then look at the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. The same aesthetics and body materials, excellent operating time, and in order to achieve a more attractive price, they sacrificed a small number of parameters that many would not consider the most important. In short, a very interesting model in its price segment, there is a lot to look at.

In the budget segment, pay attention to Tab A7/A7 Lite, both models are very good in terms of ergonomics, as well as performance in their price class.

Finally, for the little ones there is the Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition, which we talked about above. It is an interesting offer, which has no analogues on the market.


As you can see, the variety of models of tablets from Samsung allows you to choose a device for you, carefully select the characteristics and pay the right price. Choose wisely, because the tablet is a device that will be with you for many years, and software updates from the manufacturer will maximize its life cycle. Have a good purchase!