4 Apps to Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Nowadays almost everybody has a cell phone. If your spouse is in fact cheating on you they are using their cell phone to communicate with their secret lover. They may be calling them or receiving calls from their secret lover, or they may be sending and receiving text messages or most likely both. You can track cell iphone without them knowing.

A good indication your spouse is using their cell phone for cheating related activities is if your cheating wife or husband seems overly protective or secretive about their cell phone. To cover their tracks your spouse is going to delete text messages and remove any signs of communication with their secret lover.


What is fantastic about a spy program for cell phones is it doesn’t matter if they delete messages or any evidence from the cell phone. The way a cell phone spying program works is as soon as the text message or phone call is made or received it is stored on a Web server that you can log into 24 hours a day seven days a week.

So even if your husband or wife deletes text messages or any other evidence immediately it is still stored and view able by you. Even if your cheating husband or cheating wife deletes text messages or any other evidence they send and receive to their secret lover a spy program installed on their cell phone will still show all the evidence to you without them knowing.

There are many different spy programs for cell phones. They’ve pretty much all do the same thing.

Which cell phone spy program you choose is going to be a matter of which features are most important to you and how long term you think you’re going to need or want the cell phone spy features.

Here is a list of the spy features all cell phone spy programs have:

  • View every single phone call made and received with your cheating spouses cell phone – this will include information about the time of the phone call, if the phone call was outgoing or incoming, and the phone numbers that are called and calls are received from.
  • View every text message sent and received with your cheating spouses cell phone – again this will include information such as the time the text message was sent or received, if it was an incoming or outgoing SMS, and the phone number text messages are sent to and received from.
  • See the exact physical location of your cheating spouse at all times – all cell phone spying programs update the geographical position of your husband or wife at regular intervals, usually once every 30 minutes.
  • You will be able to view all the locations they have been at throughout the day on Google maps.
  • See every e-mail sent and received with your cheating spouses cell phone.
  • See every website visited with the browser of their cell phone.
  • See all contacts in your cheating spouses cell phones phone book.

Do you want the least expensive cell phone spy program possible?

mSpy cell phone spy costs just €41.99 with no monthly fees whatsoever. You can also install their spy software to an unlimited number of cell phones. mSpy is the most popular spy program for cell phones.

mSpy cell phone spy
mSpy cell phone spy


Do you want a spy program specifically designed for catching infidelity?

Spouse spy is a spy program for cell phones that really isn’t that much different from mSpy even though the name of the cell phone spying program would lead you to believe otherwise.

Nevertheless it is still extremely popular for people wanting to use of cell phone spy to catch cheating and infidelity. Spouse spy costs $79 for a year of spying on your spouse’s cell phone.

Do you want a spy program for a cell phone that has the most comprehensive technical support should you need it?

Mobile spy has an excellent rating with Better Business Bureau and they are the only cell phone spy that has a toll-free one 800 number for technical support. Mobile spy is $49 for three months and $99 for one year.

 If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money there are advanced spy programs for cell phones that actually let you listen in to live phone conversations and turn your cheating spouses cell phone into a room bugging device by simply sending their telephone and SMS command.

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Spy calls has three different cell phone spy programs at three different prices.

In order to get the live call and room bugging spied features you have to use their mSpy plan which is €9.91 for one year. This package also includes all the previously mentioned cell phone spy features as well. The technical support is also exceptional. Before you run right out and purchase a cell phone spy program you would be a good idea to read this tutorial on how to spy on a mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you find someones location without them knowing?

There are two ways to track someone’s location on Google Maps without them knowing. The first method is to enable location sharing from their phone and send a tracking link to your phone. The second way of tracking someone’s phone without them knowing is to use a spy app.

Can I track my wife phone without him knowing?

A spy app lets you track another person’s incoming calls, messages, chats, social media accounts, browsing histories, and much more without letting the person know. You can even track the location of the person through GPS. Not only this, but some apps also allow you to even listen to the conversations too.

Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

Can you track the location of a cell phone just by its number? There are only two legitimate ways to do so: You can use a phone lookup service to locate any phone in a general area. You can track the phone and its number by using a phone spy app.

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?

As for Android phones, you are required to install a mSpy. However, the app runs in the background using stealth mode technology without being detected. There is no need to root your wife’s phone, as well.
mSpy remotely gets every single bit of data that you need from your companion’s gadget.

How can you find someones location without them knowing?

You can track anyone’s location without installing any app on your phone or computer if you are using mSpy. This is because mSpy can open in any web browser through its web based dashboard. When you are using mSpy phone tracker, your tracking target will never know that you are keeping an eye on their location.

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