Apps for Mac by Movavi: 4 Useful Services

  • Video editor
  • Photo Editor
  • Converter
  • Screen Recorder Studio

Movavi, the company that develops software for non-professional users, has updated its products. Movavi Video Editor has been redesigned, new functions have been added, and working has become even more convenient.

In this article we’ll tell you about four programs: Video Editor, Photo Editor, Converter, and Screen Capture Studio. Each program has a version for Mac and Windows, so Windows users will also find this article useful. You can download the programs from the company’s official website.

Video Editor

A program for creating and editing videos. Here you can make a video clip from your photos, connect the frames with transitions, add effects and screensavers. Get to know the program first in Clip Wizard mode. It’s an automatic mode where you upload photos and choose your music, and the Wizard joins the files into the project. You will work manually on the timeline.

There are several tracks for video, music and titles. You can apply professional effects to the clip: Chromakey, zoom in motion, stabilization. For music, there are separate settings: you can remove background noise or create a phone conversation effect.

Photo Editor

Here you can make photos brighter and clearer, remove graininess, crop photos for Instagram, transfer people from one image to another. The photo editor has learned to recognize silhouettes, so now it’s easier to cut people out of an image. If you don’t have time to adjust the shot manually, there’s Auto Enhancement.

It’s easy to erase unnecessary objects in the frame, and it’s easy to restore old family photos. The photo editor will restore colors, remove cracks and scuffs. Portraits can be retouched: smooth skin and even out complexion, change eye color and even add makeup. The program is suitable for beginners and advanced users.


In this program you will change video, photo and song formats. No need to choose a bitrate and codecs: the converter has built-in templates for different formats. These are ready-to-use settings for clips, pictures, music and different equipment: smartphones, tablets and TVs. If you’re going to change the format of your movie to watch it on your phone, choose the iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and other models.

Before converting, you can trim your video, add a watermark and filter to it, make it clearer and brighter. With the built-in editor you can cut unnecessary fragments. Add subtitles for movies and TV shows right in the program, and then save the series with subtitles.

Screen Recorder Studio

Two in one: screen recording and video editing. Record Skype calls, programs, Youtube videos. It’s easy: select a part of the screen, press “Start recording”, stop at the right moment and save. The program is suitable to record online courses and series: plan your schedule for months ahead. You can record a clip, then save it as a song and upload it to your phone. Built-in editor will remove unnecessary fragments and background noise.

Along with the computer screen, the program will save an image from the webcam. Comments on the microphone can be recorded later. Screen Recorder Studio will save movies in HD quality, and in SuperSpeed mode the file will be saved instantly.

If you’re a video or photo editor, want to keep track of what’s happening on your screen, or want to change video file formats, try new Movavi programs.