15 Best Free Geolocation Apps for Locating a Person

The daily control and safety of family and friends is designed to provide mobile services equipped with a coordinate tracking system and geolocation apps. By installing a small application, the user receives a wide package of options and the ability to have detailed information about the location and movements of the observed.



Family direction finder. Tracking requires the installation of software on all devices in the network. Adding to contacts is possible on the basis of an invitation. Building a circle of access is formed step by step, starting with family and friends, gradually moving to the next round of connecting friends and acquaintances. Each circle is controlled by individual visibility settings, accompanied by the ability to chat and receive arrival notifications. Editor’s Choice on Google Play. It is in the top 15 apps on the App Store in the Social Networking category. Average rating of 4.5. Fifty million downloads.


mSpy- Best Tracking App

If you are concerned about the safety and whereabouts of your children, you may follow their location through iPhone GPS tracker. The feature helps you monitor the location and route history of their mobile device.
mSpy gives you the ability to browse messages shared on your child’s phone through platforms including Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, SnapChat and more. Simply go to your Control Panel and scan through the data. Photos, videos, messaging, date and time stamps are all at your fingertips.

Keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing calls made on your child’s phone. Get complete records including dates, times and durations sent directly to your Control Panel.


mSpy- Best Tracking App
mSpy- Best Tracking App


The software offers to create a secure group that supports login by invitation, allowing you to see all participants on the same map. The location of the group member is provided on request and by sending personal coordinates in real time. Shows travel time, and predicts arrival. Security requirements oblige the verification of cell phone numbers. Editor’s Choice on Google Play. Rating – 4.5. Five million installations.


Mobile Number Locator

Allows you to track a caller on a map, fully functional in 122 countries. Opponent identification shows details of type, number and carrier, searches for country and city codes offline. Contains detailed outgoing and incoming call history data, allowing you to track and block unwanted calls. Rating 4.5. Ten million installations.

My GPS position

The software shows GPS coordinates and GoogleMaps links in real time. The operation is structured with three tabs. Overview provides detailed accurate latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, supporting known units of measurement. Map shows landmarks, places of interest, previously visited and saved. Shows road and satellite maps. The places tab saves a list of favorite visits with distance data supporting editing and deleting information.



Geolocator providing a wide range of options for tracking the movements of children and loved ones. Contains automatic notifications of departure and arrival, low battery of the tracked object. The service saves two days of movement history. Contains SOS button to call for one-touch help (sends exact coordinates). Communication of program members is supported by a free chat. Settings allow you to enter unwanted danger zones, approaching them is informed by a warning system KidsControl.


Geolocation app allows you to locate by cell phone number. The information is read, analyzed by the smartphone, forming an output based on GPS data. The service has a large distribution of geo-referencing providing the exact data of the required information. More than five million downloads. Rating on Google Play – 4.4.

Family Tracker. GPS locator

The program allows you to track the location of children and family members, keeping in touch with friends and family. The system is equipped with free chat, promptly provides the exact coordinates of the signals of help, supports notification of the arrival, of course, the planned place. The dynamics of movements is confidential and reveals the exact location at the request of the user. Stores seven-day routes of movements, helps track a stolen, lost device. Rating 4.0. One million downloads. In the top 25 geolocation apps on the App Store in the “Navigation” category.


Find Friends

The app connects friends who have installed FindMyFriends on their devices, helping to share coordinate data, chat, and track device users. Here you can share the location with your friends on the social network. The software contains location-based notifications of approaching and leaving the tracked radius of your friends’ location.


Service to track the movement of children and adults helps you get the exact location of the observed, to exchange messages in chat, get notifications about the entry into dangerous areas, track the battery level of the device, eavesdrop on conversations, view the history of movement, quickly build an access route guided by GPS data. GeoLocator has a walkie-talkie, which allows you to communicate by voice using the Internet. Five hundred thousand downloads among other geolocation apps. Rating 4.6.

Kid security

The program organizes the system control over children, equipped with the functions of location monitoring with coordinates, speed and behavioral control on the Internet. Informs when adding new friends, the negative impact on the child’s use of foul words, rudeness in messages, intimidation, manipulation, allowing parents to promptly respond.


Allows you find an Instagram and Twitter user in any part of the world within a radius of 10 km, and anonymous viewing of your social networks history, follow posts and notes from events nearby, subscribe to the user of interest and send messages forming an individual social network. 500 000 downloads.

Myloc – Find friends

Software searches for friends by monitoring the route of registered opponents. Myloc shows clear dynamics of several hours, allows you to send notifications of the location, displays the data distance and the best route between friends. Communication between opponents is done via chat, SMS messages, calls.

GPSme – me and all mine on the map

Software for tracking the movements of children, friends and loved ones. The user agrees to show personal coordinates to other users within the group. GPSme will be useful for people going abroad, will assist in the search for a lost gadget. Helps to trace the location by phone number of user on the map, to receive notification of the level of charging phone, arrival and departure. Statistics of movements are stored in the database.

Where are my kids

Service tracks children’s location on the map, shows to see all movements for the day. Equipped with a drying system to help assess a child’s environment. Allows you to control your child’s phone from a parent’s gadget to set the alarm sound, view downloaded apps, monitor the time spent playing games. Contains notifications of the battery level, departure and arrival of the monitored person. Communication between users is done in the system chat with the ability to exchange text messages, contacts, photos and video files. The average rating geolocation apps is 4.4.


A simple system that is suitable for tracking seniors and children. Requires mandatory software installation of geolocation apps, keeping members in contact, showing coordinates of location and daily movements. Equipped with standard search settings, sending notifications of arrival, departure, rarefaction gadget with the addition of a unique panic button that sends an emergency message to family and friends. The app is rated 4.5.